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Gulp Map Mutifruit v 3.0 – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

maps ls 2013 mods

Gulp Map Multifruit – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

map fs 2013 mods

Gulp Map Multifruit – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

map ls mods

Gulp Map Multifruit – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

Gulp Map Multifruit - Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

Gulp Map Multifruit – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

– the I3d. has 48.6 MB
– 246.4 hectares of arable land in 14 fields of 8.8 – 26.6 ha size
– 2 large meadows
– large fleet
– BGA silos, each with 4 large capacity 1.500.000l
– transport + milk truck
– cows and sheep

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– cereals AG with 4 stations for sale: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarbeet, manure, liquid manure
– silage, grass, windrow, wheat, barley
– wool and pigs
– small pond for the Watermod

Changelog V2:
– BGA rebuilt
– More details
– Mud pots away
– Minor adjustments
– Spinning away

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Changelog V3:
– 4 new fruits installed: oats, rye, sunflower, Green Wheat
– Rebuilt farm
– Rebuilt pasture
– Built-in feed stores
– Installed certificates mast Cow & Water Mod
– New stable
– New grass texture
– Built workshop at the dealer
– Added scripts from Galli84 income
– One has only 3 of 14 fields owned

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Have a lot of fun!

Big thanks go to all modders whose objects I’ve used.

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Agrarfrost V 5.0 – Farming Simulator 2013

agricultural simulator 2013 mods

Agrarfrost – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

Welcome to the farm with high technology machines. Here are the best products produced in the region. When you start your career, a big challenge awaits you to generate capital to buy the other 7 fields. You begin with some basic implements for milk production or cultivation soil to new cultures.

A small area is available for cultivation of major crops, the others must be purchased. In total there are 7 fields with the price of 45370.37 hectare and recovery of 30%. In total there are 353.60 hectare in the estimated value of $16,042,962.96 with appreciation of 30%, totaling $ 20,855,851.85.

General characteristics:
– New main farm
– Complex for production of different fruits, herbs and vegetables, besides milk, wool and fresh eggs.

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Imagion Land v 1.0 – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

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Imagion Land – Farming Simulator 2013 Mods

Welcome to Imagion Land! The new world inspired by imagination.

Find yourself in an enviroment full with new challenges. There are all the features of original Farming Simulator 2013 with many newly added tasks.

Loging. Make money of forest. There are logs chopped and prepared to be transported to a sawmill, which is located in nearby town. Find them in woods just above the farm.

Manure handling. Manure appears in the barn where it can be loaded with shovel and dumped into manure pit.

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