farming simulator tractors

farming simulator tractors

– Plowing Mod v2 (F7)
– Movable axis
– Animation hand the farmer
– Counter-speed (Speed ​​Display Control)
– Acting Tips tachometer, engine temperature and fuel level
– Silenced cabin
– Fold just the front and worn tie rod (key 7)
– Opening the door and back glass
– Animation pedal clutch, brake, gas, and this jumper reverse
– Front and rear twins (keys m and n)
– Adjustable rear hitch (keys 5 and 6)
– Working lights, indicators
– Manual firing
– The dust from the wheels on the
– PowerShaftAttacher / PTO
– Es limiter
– Animated hydraulics
– Console to turn on the key (9)
– Purchased separately front loader New Holland + accessories
– The dust from the wheels on the
– The weight New Holland
– Dynamic animations of smoke
– New wheels, improved skin
– No errors

It took my heart from way back of farming. Is stunning tractor!

Credits: Monster, roller90, ???, Lech & Aranea

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