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farming simulator 2013 trucks scania

farming simulator 2013 trucks scania


This Scania truck incl. Refrigerated box body, a gap in the transport of goods is now closed.
Unlike ordinary troughs or the like, it is not bulk material,
but loaded with different barrels, boxes and containers.
The result is not only a completely different way of loading, but also a nice-looking.

The goods include the following:

Potatoes, sugar, fertilizer, seed, water, diesel, lime, chips, sugar

These are stored in the following containers:

Potatoes / sugar ### Crate with EURO-pallet base
Fertilizer / water tank ### 1m³
Seeds ### seed bags on EURO pallet
Diesel ### small tanks in the rack (currently disabled)
Lime ### BigBags
Frits ### boxes on trolley
Sugar ### crates on EURO pallet

Once the loading ramp is open, a good piece can be loaded.
It appears then, depending on the% level, the load corresponding container
which shift during the loading gradually in the trunk and stack.
So that a real load is attempted to display, in which each container also,
is gradually pushed into the loading space.

This also properly and BAG-tested at the destination charge arrives,
opportunities were created for securing the load.
At the permanently mounted perforated rail, the locking bar can be mounted from the outside by pressing a button.
This can also move depending on the number of containers.
Also, all the necessary markings for example, ADR-charge available.
Make sure nothing rolls away, there are chocks.

Since the car was already very long in the tooth, it was a little longer in the workshop.
There, the entire cabin was painstakingly replaced, renewed the tires incl. Rim
and of course the somewhat aged finger paints, replaced by a signal applied to the first customer’s design.

Of course, Highway Code This vehicle was presented at TÜV / DEKRA and lt. Approved.

For some appreciation, some features are still to come.
This includes, for example, the built-in rear view camera, newly laid / light mounted in the trunk,
a place for the front passenger, a digital level indicator in the cabin
and many other little things.


Charge … will be displayed in the form of crates / barrels / bags /
hide this depending on level one by one on / off
convert to Real Lights
Case interior lighting
adapted to QM or LU-Flitzpiepen Skin
passenger scripts
Windshield off (roof)
Trigger in ramp
Changed and adapted cabin
3x risk identification and securing loads (on / be hidden from the outside)
Rear view camera (incl. Auxiliary lines)
new tires / rims
digital level gauge (in the cabin)
Chocks (manually faded)
Digital speedometer and tachometer
Built cabin light
Symbols for lights and indicators in the cockpit
Shoulder Look by Mouse Control
Lock bar moved with Mouse Control


Why the mod tips over so quickly?
Because it is a truck and not a lowered sports car.
Full speed (80km / h) going into a tight turn without it tipping is simply not real.
Here decent driving has been sought.

Why can not I load a fertilizer / seed / Diesel?
This is currently with the normal triggers simply not possible.
They are only intended to fill the required devices and not for use as Ladungsgut.

Why is the interior camera moved?
Please check whether you have used the mouse control by mistake and thus enabled the shoulder view function.

I am under a Filltrigger but the truck discharges onto not, what now?
The trigger for loaded is located in the rear wall board.
This should be folded down first, so that the loading works.

How do I install the locking bar or the ADR signs?
From the outside.
Please to look at the screen to the trigger again.

Will there be a MR version?
Definitely not.

Will there be a V2?
Definitely yes.
Whether just upgraded or with other model is not fixed yet.

If further fruits / items installed?
Probably not, since the installation is more complex than with normal Fillplanes.
In addition, then new models and corresponding shares are needed again.

Why do I get errors / warnings appear in the log?
This should be a maximum of 2 Warnings related to chips and sugar,
if they are not installed in the map.
Can safely be ignored and there is no real error.

!!! The following mods are required:

Real Lights



Vehicle / large parts

Basic model (truck): Hoschi97 /// texture: hoffi
Cab / Cab: DRE3178 /// texture: hoffi

Small parts / container

Sugar range: GIANTS /// texture: hoffi
Seed variety / fertilizer tank: GIANTS /// texture: hoffi
BigBags: Siwus
Trolley: Hoschi97 possibly otherwise unknown /// texture: hoffi
Wheels / tires: Repi
Diesel tanks: Nubsi


Passenger: Alex2009
DigiDisplay: Black Burner
MMRearCam: MMAgrarservice
RemoveAttachable: Sven777b
ToggleAnimatedParts: Sven777b
Warning Signs: fruktor
Real Lights: fruktor
DustWheels: fruktor
RPMDisplayControl: fruktor
Speed ​​Display Control: fruktor

Support / Help / employees

Nubsi, Repi, Baden Bauer, Case844, Ikarus1978

Further thanks go to the entire team Qualitätsmods


farming 2013 mods

farming 2013 mods

– Good driving behavior 80 kmh
– Wheelparticle
– Drivingparticle
– Realexhaustparticle
– Beleuchtete Amaturen
– Eslimiter
– BelV31
– Indoorsounds
– Animated Parts
– Zugmaul Back
– Sattelplatte Up / Down
– 8 Separately expandable parts

Credits: corad60




It is a MAN TGX spreaders with matching container

The container almost 15,000 L and can be set to other flatbed trailer for transport

The matching trailer for stackers do I submit again after !!

Info TGX:
Purchase Price 135.000 €

€ 65 maintenance day

Press the M / N tilting boom taking on or discharging

Key J / K to Auschieben of the boom when placing it onto trailer or other high surfaces Points

Info Container
Purchase price € 5000
Maintenance € 5

Can wheat, barley, oilseed rape, potatoes, sugar beet, chaff and sand loading

Credits: ETS / Werkstattleiter & Verschieden