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Bale Trailers Lambert RBR8 v 1.0

Farming Simulator Bale Trailer

Farming Simulator Bale Trailer

– Lavable / washable
– Forage ago (press x)
– Forage back (press b)
– Flashes
– Fire Back
– Beacon

The goods remain all alone on the shelf (bales, round ball, palette, bigbag)

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Grass Texture Pack v 1.0

grass textures

Grass Textures

Grass textures times become a bit darker and have gotten a few more flowers.

Textures (delete old textures and the new replacements)> foliage

Textures> terrain (old texture delete and replace with the new texture)

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Pallet Shelf v 1.0

LS 2013

Pallet Shelf – LS 2013

Pallet shelves to save space in your warehouse.

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