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Download – Polonez Truck for FS 2013

Polonez Truck for FS 2013
Polonez Truck for FS 2013

– Lights v 3.1
– Rear View Camera
– Opening doors, tailgate
– Manual ignition
– Handbrake
– Moving internal components (gas, brake …)
– Hook with the possibility of hooking up all the available trailers
– In the back are seed, fertilizer, fuel, downloaded, you can open the lid.

This is quite a small truck isn’t?

Credits: adam_5525

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Download – Krampe Trailer Pack

Krampe Trailer Pack
Krampe Trailer Pack

Pack contains:
– Krampe manure and shuttle vans (48,000 liters)
– Krampe manure spreader (30,000 liters)
– Krampe milk truck (48,000 liters)
– Krampe water transporter (48,000 liters)
– Krampe pig truck (max. 40 pigs)

All trailers are washable, have tires / dust box and of course Bel v 3.1.

We have largely dispensed with additional scripts.
There is a new script from me which one displays a Hud charge.

Final Patch v 2 needed! Have fun with them guys!

Credits: Atabogo, Chef, agrotron 155, Sven777b, Manuel leithner, Marhu & Outlaw

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